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7 & 14 Watt Cordless Rechargeable Led Hand Lamp With 4 Hours & 8 Hours Backup Versions
Cordless Rechargeable Led Hand Lamp with Backup Manufacturer

Introducing for the first time in India, a professional, heavy duty, cordless portable rechargeable LED Hand Lamp. Most of the hand lamps are connected using cables which restrict their use. They also require a plug point and this makes it inconvenient to use. Sometimes the cables entangle and are bent and undergo pressure or are subjected to pulling and stretching resulting in cable damage or short circuit. This can be a very unsafe experience. But now with OM ENERGY SAVERS (OES) Cordless, Rechargeable LED Hand Lamp forget all these hassles and experience high illumination with entangle free cordless experience. Also LED causes negligible heating and no risk of filament damage or glass breakage.


Charge the Hand Lamp for a few hours and it is ready for use. Carry it anywhere you wish and just turn ON the switch and get going. It is available in two Versions are available in wattages of 7 Watts and 14 Watts. Two models are available in 4 hours and 8 hours version. Powerful Lithium Battery facilitates uninterrupted backup for long hours. Lithium Battery ensures long operating cycles of approximately 500 to 600 charge and discharge cycles. A hanging hook has been provided to facilitate hanging of the lamp. A firm grip handle ensures the lamp does not slip out of our hands. Ideal for Railways, Vehicle Inspection, Tunnels, Electrical Installations inspection & work, engine room work etc. This product is designed, developed & manufactured by Om Energy Savers in INDIA and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Min Order Qty : 10 Nos.

Technical Specifications

  • Led Type : SMD Led / Power Led
  • Power : 7 Watt & 14 Watt
  • Backup Time : 4 Hours To 8 Hours Versios
  • Operating Modes : 2 Modes, Low Mode, high Mode
  • Base Type : Magnetic Base
  • Charging : Electric Charge, 220 V AC
  • Imgress protection : Yes
  • Battery Type : Lithium Ion / Polymer
  • Battery Over Charge protection
  • Battery Deep Discharge protection
  • Battery SHort Circuit Protection
  • BIS Certified Lithium Ion ?/ Polymer Battery
  • Charging : Electric Charger GER 220VAC, 50 Hz
  • Charging Time : 4 To 5 Hours
  • Charging Indicator
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • Special Gripped Handle for Firm Grip
  • Special Sturdy Hanging Hook
  • Operating Temperature Range -10° C To 45° C
  • Operating Humidity Range 0% RH To 99% RH.
  • Approximate Weight : 1KG

Key features

  • Led Based, Low Heat, No Filament
  • Portable, Rechargeable & Cordless
  • No Wire / Cable Hassles
  • Ideal For Maintenance Work
  • Backup : 4 & 8 Hours Lodel
  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • 2 Operating Modes, Low Mode & Hihj Mode
  • Battery Protections
  • Charging & Battery Low Indicators
  • Carry Handle with Foam Grip for Carrying Convenience
  • Indeal for Railways and Other Electrical Or Mechanical Maintenance Work

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders pls email us.