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10 Watt Long Range Led Search Light / Dragon Light - 3 Models
Long Range Led Search Light

This powerful search light is specifically ideal for Marine / Defence / Army / Paramilitary forces. With its powerful 1 watt LED the beam is able to propagate long distances. Powerful Lithium Battery provides long run time in high power mode with 3 Version Available. The searchlight has 2 / 3 / 5 operating modes depending upon model. It can be charged from 220 VAC or 110VAC Supply ( Marine Applications) or even 12 / 24 V DC cigarette lighter output*. It has optional Solar Charging Capability and can charge on solar panel ( additional accessory). System has a battery low indicator, charging & charging full and a fully automatic charging process. It has a special grip 2 position handle which can be used in signalling purposes also. A shoulder belt has been provided for carrying convenience. Advanced Model has 5 operating modes which include 3 dimming modes and one flashing mode and one SOS Signalling Mode.


Technical Specifications & Comparison

Long Range Led Search Light

Key features

  • 10 Watt Powerful Cree / Edison Led
  • All Weather Use, IP 64 / IP65 Models
  • Available In 3 Models
  • Multiple Operating Modes Depending On Model
  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Fully Automatic Charging
  • Charging & Battery Low Indications
  • Special 2 Position Handle

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders pls email us.